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Golden Rules and Golden Time

 Golden Time and Golden Rules

Golden Time is a period of time (30 minutes) in the week, when children are allowed off timetable and choose from a range of optional activities.Those children who reach the accepted agreed standard of behaviour are rewarded with Golden Time. 


We have a set of Golden Rules that the children are asked to follow:

Do be gentle

Do be kind and helpful

Do work hard

Do look after property

Do listen to people

Do be honest


Should these rules be broken, we have a system of issuing yellow and red cards. The child is first given a warning that their behaviour is unacceptable, and given the opportunity to improve their behaviour.  


Details for Reception can be found in the Early Years Foundation Stage Booklet.

For other classes the following procedures will be followed: If the unacceptable behaviour continues then a yellow card will be issued, which deducts time from the Golden Time. In serious instances, a red card is issued immediately, the pupil is sent straight to the Headteacher and forfeits golden time altogether for that week. A letter is sent home informing parents that the child has been issued with a red card.