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Premier Sports After School and Infant Gymnastics



Here are the details of our Extra-Curricular Clubs for Term 1 & 2:


Before-School Gymnastics Club £48

Before school on Tuesday 8:00am-8:50am

Open to all KS1 children.

11th September – 11th December (12 sessions)


After-School Hockey Club £48

After school on Tuesday 3:15pm – 4:15pm

Open to all KS2 children.

11th September – 11th December (12 sessions)


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Premier Sport will be back for the new academic year with clubs for all age groups!

We have loads of fun and exciting activities as well as plenty of challenging games that we know you’ll all love!

During the club EYFS & KS1 children will have the opportunity to improve their agility, balance and coordination skills whilst also looking at a variety of different specific gymnastics techniques! For KS2 children have the opportunity to develop sport specific school and tactics as well as working on teamwork and match play!


If you’re interested in signing up, please follow the link above to our bookings page!


Signing up will be on a first come first serve basis.


Should you have any questions or queries please contact Dan Telfer at or call on 07801967322.



Juniors After-School Club (Mr Stokes)


Terms 1 & 2: Hockey (training for the IN2 Hockey competition in November)

Terms 3 & 4: Gymnastics (training for the gymnastics competition in March)

Terms 5 & 6: TriGolf & Tennis (training for the taster events held during the summer term)



Lacrosse 1
Lacrosse 2
Lacrosse 3
Lacrosse 4
Lacrosse 5
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