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PSHE: Personal, Social Health and Economic Education

Although this subject remains non-statutory and there are no national programmes of study, the DfE has stated as part of its National Curriculum framework that ‘all schools should make provision for PSHE education, drawing on good practice.’
The PSHE Association has produced its own programme of study which we are able to implement either discretely or through natural links with other curriculum areas. There are three core themes:
 health and wellbeing: how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally and emotionally
 relationships: how to develop and maintain positive and healthy relationships and how to recognise and respond to negative relationships
 living in the wider world: rights, responsibilities, equality, respect for self and others, care for the environment, managing money effectively.
During the course of a school year, the school will use particular initiatives and events to enhance the provision of PHSE, including Anti-Bullying Week, Safer Internet Day, the annual Life Education Centre visit, Bikeability and Road Safety.