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Powerpoint - Bar Modelling In Mathematics Workshop for Parents

Play Time


Terms 1, 5 and 6:  Children are encouraged to use the whole of the school field to play on during the summer.  This includes the hard surface, the gazebo, play trail and football pitches.  


Terms 2, 3 and 4: Children may go onto the field in fine weather even if the field is damp, on the condition that they bring waterproof over-trousers to slip over their uniform and a spare pair of shoes/trainers/wellies. Extra clothing should come in a bag labelled with your child’s name and named shoes/trainers/wellies should be placed in the outdoor wellies store.


Wet Play: If it is wet at playtime, we organise board games, videos, colouring, etc. in school.


Sponsored Walk October 2017

Sponsored Walk October 2017 1
Sponsored Walk October 2017 2
Sponsored Walk October 2017 3

Junior Production - Alice in Wonderland

Junior Production - Alice in Wonderland 1
Junior Production - Alice in Wonderland 2
Junior Production - Alice in Wonderland 3
Junior Production - Alice in Wonderland 4

PJ & Story-Telling Evening

PJ & Story-Telling Evening 1
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 2
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 3
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 4
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 5
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 6
PJ & Story-Telling Evening 7