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Picture 1 Mr Michael Holyoake

Meet the staff at our school:


Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Emma Wilkinson (Y5/6 teacher)

Picture 1 Mrs Emma Wilkinson

Teaching Staff:    Mrs Monique Ramsay (Juniors - Y3/4 teacher)

                            Miss Jo Crisfield (Infants - Y1/2 teacher)

                            Miss Suzanna Pearce (Infants - YR/1 teacher)

Picture 1 Mrs Monique Ramsay
Picture 2 Miss Suzanna Pearce

SENCO:  Miss Suzanna Pearce


Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Mr Michael Holyoake

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead:  Mrs Monique Ramsay

Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Sara Bossom

Teaching Assistants:      Mrs Emma Davis (YR/1)

                                       Mrs Laura Hitchen (Y1/2 & ELSA)

                                       Mrs Miyuki Lagler (1:1 & Y1/2)

                                       Mrs Nicola Cameron (Y5/6) 

                                       Ms Sarah Wood (1:1 & ELSA)

                                       Mrs Marlane Wyman (1:1)    

Picture 1 Mrs Nicky Cameron
Picture 2 Mrs Marlane Wyman
Picture 3 Mrs Laura Hitchen
Picture 4 Mrs Emma Davis
Picture 5 Mrr Miyuki Lagler

Lead Midday Supervisor:   Ms Jenny Hebburn                          

Picture 1 Mrs Jenny Hebburn
Administrative Officer:  Mrs Jacqui Saunders

Clerical Assistant:         Mrs Nicki McCarney

Picture 1 Mrs Jacqui Saunders
Picture 2 Mrs Nicki McCarney
All staff members can be contacted via the school office on 01722 712322 or