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Collecting Children After School

At the end of the school day your child will need to be collected from the school playground.  Please go through the gates from 3.10pm and wait until your child is released from class.


If you are collecting your child early then please come to the school office.


We know that there are times when parents are unable to collect their child/ren after school. To avoid any confusion, and so that staff are aware of the situation:

¨ If you have a regular arrangement for someone else to collect your child, please come into the office to complete a form giving details of collection arrangements.

¨ If occasionally, for any reason, someone else will be collecting your child, please make sure that you inform the office, and/or the class teacher.

At Pitton School we are aware that there may be times that a parent may be late to collect their child. We therefore use NSPCC guidance when dealing with late collection. NSPCC guidance states that:


In the event of lateness for collection the school should:

  • contact parents or carers
  • call emergency contacts if parents and carers cannot be reached so an authorised adult can come and collect the child
  • keep records of late collections.

If parents and carers have authorised someone else to collect the child, they may not always be aware the child is being collected late, so it’s important to keep them informed if this happens.

Persistent lateness might indicate that a parent is struggling to meet their child’s needs. Schools should contact parents or carers outlining their concerns. This should also be recorded as a safeguarding concern using the school’s safeguarding procedures.

If schools have ongoing concerns about a child’s welfare, they may need to make a referral to children’s social care so that the family can receive support.