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Order forms are available from the school porch or can be downloaded from this page.  Please place any orders in an envelope and mark it 'school uniform order'.  Invoices for payment will be issued on ParentMail.


Once your uniform order arrives you will be contacted by the office with pick-up details.  


Please note Hoodies are optional and not a required part of the school uniform. They are organised by FOPS and orders for Hoodies should be returned marked FAO Emma Lewy - FOPS. 

Second Hand Uniform Sales


We have a great selection of second hand uniform which we offer inline with our approach to both sustainability and affordability for parents. This is available throughout the year, organized and sold through FOPS via a website (link below) and cost between £1-5. If you would like to order, please send a message through the website and the items will be bought into school. 


School Uniform Details


Items in purple require the school logo. They can be ordered using the school supplier or purchased from the second hand uniform website. All other items can be purchased from any generic  supplier.


Girls:                  Juniors:

                            Light blue long-sleeved shirt and navy blue tie;    


                            Light blue Aertex polo shirt with school logo

                       Navy blue jumper with school logo

                       Grey skirt or pinafore dress

Terms 2-4 only: Straight legged grey/charcoal grey trousers (leggings or skinny trousers are not acceptable)

                       Grey, navy or white socks; navy or grey tights

                       Navy or black shoes

                       For the summer:

                       Blue Gingham dress

                       White socks

                       Navy or black shoes or sandals (not open toe)


Boys:                 Juniors:

                            Light blue long-sleeved shirt and navy blue tie;    


                            Light blue Aertex polo shirt with school logo

                       Navy blue jumper with school logo

                       Grey/charcoal grey trousers

                       Grey socks

                       Black shoes

                       For the summer:

                       Short sleeved blue shirt

Grey/charcoal grey trousers or shorts

                       Grey socks

                       Black shoes



                             Navy blue shorts or skort (cycling shorts are not acceptable)

                       Navy blue T-shirt with school logo

                       Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo

                       Plain navy blue jogger bottoms (no logos or stripes)

                       White or navy blue socks

                       Trainers in neutral colours


Note: PE kit is worn all day on the days that the class has PE.


Football Club Competitions (Optional and for members only)


            Blue school football shirt with school logo (provided by school) 

                       Blue shorts/skort

                       Navy blue socks

                       Football boots

                       Shin pads



             Swimming costume/trunks or shorts (not baggy or long)


 Swimming caps – optional but strongly recommended for children with  long hair. Pupils not wearing a     swimming cap must tie hair up. 



             Navy blue reversible jacket with school logo

                         PE bag with school logo

                         Navy blue cardigan with school logo

                         Hoodie with School logo


Note:                 Book bag with school logo required for Infants

                     All clothing and footwear is to be labelled with the pupil’s name.





¨ All items with the school logo will need to be ordered from our supplier or the school's second hand store.

¨ Other items can be purchased from local stores.

¨ PE kit is worn all day on the days that the class has PE.

¨ Any sports kit borrowed from the school should be washed and dried before being returned.

¨ Bookbags & rucksacks should have no more than 2 keyrings on them.

¨ Earrings are not to be worn once ears have healed after piercing (3 months). During the healing period,      earrings should be covered with tape at all times.


Make up and Cosmetics

Make up and cosmetics are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Head has given permission.