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Pupil Premium

The nominated member of staff for Pupil premium at Pitton CE Primary School is Emma Wilkinson (Headteacher). Please contact the school office on 01722 712322 should you wish to contact Emma Wilkinson. 

Pickwick Academy Trust


“Working together to provide the best schools and outcomes for our children”


Overarching Statement for Pupil Premium


What is it?


All schools within Pickwick Academy Trust have a culture of high expectations for progress of all of our pupils irrespective of academic or social disadvantage. We seek to provide an educational experience that is high quality, enjoyable and inclusive for all. The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is additional funding provided by the Government to promote provision for disadvantaged students which gives them equity with their non-disadvantaged peers. The Government believes that Pupil Premium funding should be used to ensure parity of provision for academic progress or enrichment, where opportunities or experiences may be limited in the absence of educational or financial support.


Who is eligible?


The grant is provided for the following groups of students;

• Pupils with an entitlement to free school meals (FSM)

• Pupils who have been entitled to FSM in any of the last 6 years (Ever 6)

• Those pupils in care or adopted from care (LAC)

Additional funding is also available for children of parents serving in the military. This allows the schools to give pastoral support to service children during challenging times and mitigate the negative impact of family mobility or parental deployment.


Who Is Responsible for Effective use of Pupil Premium Grant?


At Pickwick Academy Trust our schools decide how the PPG is spent, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.

All staff effectively contribute to the positive progress of our pupil premium pupils through; identifying barriers to achieving potential of our disadvantaged pupils, robust facilitation of high attendance, CPD that highlights use of best practice, highly effective pastoral support and communication systems, including planned communication with parents/carers which issupported through our work with Achievement for All project.

Key to our objective to maximise outcomes is the provision of high-quality teaching, informed by effective monitoring and supported by the use of data, which is scrutinised by staff and leaders at all levels including Executive Headteachers, Trustees and Governors.

In all our schools there is a Pupil Premium lead who champions these pupils with all stakeholders. In order to share strengths and good practice across schools, leaders meet regularly as part of the pupil premium cluster group. This cluster is led by the Executive Headteachers to drive high quality provision for all our pupil premium pupils.


How do we maximise the use of the Pupil Premium Grant?


At Pickwick Academy Trust we:

• Ensure PPG funding and spending can be identified within the school’s budget.

• Consult the Pupil Premium lead, governors, staff, and parents when prioritising how funds are spent.

• Assess and monitor the individual provisions required for each pupil in receipt of the PPG and adjust provision to maximise impact.

• Use the latest research such as the Education Endowment Fund’s Teaching and Learning toolkit to determine the best use of the funding to ensure maximum impact.


Pupil Premium Strategies


At Pickwick Academy Trust we encourage our schools to operate the following tiered approach to PPG spending to ensure it is both balanced and focussed:


1: Teaching - with a focus on ‘Quality First Teaching’

2: Targeted academic support - such as structured interventions, small group tuition and 1 to 1 support

3: Wider strategies - such as attendance initiatives and behaviour support.


All our schools produce annual Pupil Premium strategies that are published on their websites.  These documents make clear their PPG allocation, a summary of the main barriers to 

educational achievement faced by eligible pupils, plans on how to spend the pupil premium to 

address these barriers and the approaches that will be used.  Also included in the strategies are plans on how the impact of the spending will be measured.






The impact of the PPG on pupil’s attainment and progress in each school is monitored by thepupil premium link governor and the Executive Headteachers, who in turn report to the full LGC and Trustees as part of the School Improvement Committee.


Please read the information below which gives details of Pitton CE Primary School’s Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.