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Wrens (R/Y1/Y2)



Welcome to Wrens Class.


On Wrens class page you will find Termly coverage, a photo gallery of learning experiences and 

at the bottom of our page look for lots of home learning additional activities! 


Learning In Wrens

Please see the bottom of the Wrens page for  support and information documents around learning in Wrens including information around the EYFS and KS1

Wrens year overview

Term 4 in Wrens


Welcome to Term 3 in Wrens!

This term we will be scientists and artists by delving back to our enquiry: How does our school change?

Later we will be Historians searching through history and the present to explore the enquiry question: Who helps who? Look out for our optional Little Wandle home learning  on Class Dojo as well as games to support number facts, multiplication and number recognition! 

Term 2 in Wrens!

This term we will be answering the question Where is my school? Through being geographers, Scientists and musicians. We will also be philosophers, Artists and Musicians through Why do Christians perform nativity plays? and perform our Nativity while exploring the celebration of Christmas. Look out for our optional Little Wandle home learning  on Class Dojo as well as games to support number facts and number recognition! 

Term 2 information (printable version)

Ideas for book Christmas gifts

Term 1 in Wrens 2022/23 

We welcome our new Reception to the class and explore two Enquiry questions:

- What is my hat made of ? Through being Engineers, Artists and Scientists.

- How does our school change (Part 1- Autumn) Through being Scientists, Geographers and Artists. 

We will also have a lead part in the Harvest Festival. 

Printable Term 1 information

Phonics and Early Reading Information for parents

To help support phonics at home we have an optional home learning sheet for each week of the terms phonics learning. Please resist jumping ahead! The best time to use the sheets may be at the weekend after each week has passed as a revision of what has been taught in lessons over the week.

Welcome to Term 6 in Wrens 2021/2022

This term Wrens will explore the Enquiry ' How will we get around in the future' Through being Historians, Engineers and Geographers! 

Printable information for Term 6

What I like about School

Video made by Wrens Reception all about what they like about school. Filmed at two points in the school year. Stop frame animations made by the children.

Local Wildlife - What is home?

Still image for this video
To inspire ' What is Home?' Here is a Wildlife Cam video made by Miss Pearce at her home, Showing the wildlife which have homes in our local area!

Term 5 in Wrens 2021/2022

This Term we will be Historians, Scientists, Engineers and Computer Engineers. 

We will be exploring What makes a person significant and a range of significant individuals throughout history. 

We will focus on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and answer this term's enquiry question: What did Brunel to for Great Britain?

As engineers and scientists, we will continue to develop our understanding of materials and structures, and explore moving parts. Through prototypes and experiments, we will create strong and well-made products!

Throughout the term, we will all be carrying out our Home project - observing and recording the growth of a bean plant and recording this as scientists, authors, artists and mathematicians. 


Term 4 in Wrens

This Term we will be Scientists, Engineers, Artists and Geographers. 

We will also be philosophers by thinking about how to keep safe and healthy as well as how to look after our environment!

From making meals for Larry the Lego Man to making and improving healthy soups and then on to planting and growing plants, including some of the vegetables we used in our soups! 



Parents and carers have now been sent:

EYFS: Next steps for Term 4

Ks1: Targets for Term 4

These targets can be discussed further at your parent's evening

Printable Term information for Term 4

Term 3 in Wrens

This term we will be lead Geographers as well as artists. However, we will also touch on being musicians and philosophers.

We will be looking closely at our school and comparing this with other schools near and far to help us to answer our question. 

Later we will start another enquiry where we will be lead engineers (with a focus on cookery) as well as being scientists and artists.

lookout for updates on Class Dojo!

Term 3 map Printable version

Term 2 In Wrens!

This term we will be lead engineers as well as scientists, artists and historians.

We will be looking closely at the materials their uses and applying this to our Challenge at the end of term which should bring us closer to our wonderful wildlife!

Through our festive theme in December, we will be engineers, artists, musicians and philosophers too!


look out for updates on Class Dojo!

(Please ask Miss Pearce for older term guides or information - Wrens page needed a de-clutter!)

Parents and carers have now been sent:

EYFS: Next steps for Term 2 

Ks1: Targets for Term 2

All: Nativity Lines and costume requests! 

This has been sent as a PDF and .png file as part of our efforts to be more environmentally conscious



A printable version of the Term 2 guide

Wrens in Action!


In keeping with our curious curriculum, Wrens in Action is divided into our States of Being.

Under each State of Being you will find examples of learning from adult led sessions as well as both continuous and enhanced provision from year R, year 1 and Year 2.

Additionally, there are sections with a focus on visitors, trips and outdoor learning.


Trips and Visitors

Term 3 Being a Geographer Visitor: Project Uganda

Term 2 Being an Engineer Visitor: Geoff the Cob wall specialist from R.Moulding & co Salisbury Ltd

Term 2 Being an Engineer Visitor: Mr Pearce visited Wrens to show us the work of Joiners and Carpenters!

Term 2 Being an Engineer Visitor: Stephen Hewlett ,Master Thatcher came to Wrens to tell us how thatchers do their job!

Wrens love to learn outside!

States of Being in Wrens

Being Scientists

Being Mathematicians

Maths Day!

Being Author - Writers

Being Author - Readers

Phonics in Wrens

For Information about our Phonics lessons please see our Little Wandle - Letters and sounds revised  information page

Reading Challenge

Still image for this video
One of our Wrens took the reading challenge to the next level!

Being Engineers

  Being Computer Engineers 

The peach escapes the sharks!

Still image for this video
A collaborative effort by year 1 and R before separating out onto their own animation projects!

Wrens Created Stop frame animation in groups independently for the theme Moon Walk!

Still image for this video
2 space men went to explore a crater and collect some magical space gems!

Moon Walk 2

Still image for this video
"Space men went to explore a crater and then zoomed off in the Rover and off in their Rocket too!"

Moon Walk 3

Still image for this video
2 Space men go and look for moon gems but someone is watching...

Behind the scenes of our 'moon walk' stop frame animation activities

Exploring Steam!

Being Athletes

Being Artists

Being Geographers

Being Historians

Being Philosophers 

British Values: What is Voting?

Happy Holi

2021 Nativity 

We are Artists, We are Musicians, We are Engineers and philosophers too! 


Term 2 is the Nativity term!

2020 Nativity

Home Learning Examples 

Wonderful home learning .. Here is just a few examples across our three year groups!

Reconnecting as a class with Here We Are

Just a few examples of our Here We are Activities

Useful Documents 

Information to support online learning

(see below for updates on Wrens)

Online Learning Platform or Download the ClassDojo App

There are two main features to the system: 
Class Story – This will contain helpful learning links to online activities along with activities pupils may wish to complete at home. There is no requirement for these activities to be submitted. Staff will update the class story regularly.  
Portfolio – This is a section where activities requiring ‘submission’ will be placed. Pupils will complete the activities and submit them online where their class teacher will be able to access them, comment and/or award Dojo points. Staff will update portfolio activities regularly.  


Why don't you try out some of the web-based resources we use in Wrens:

The Department for Education has Provided daily lessons through Oak National Academy:


BBC Bitesize has produced daily lessons to support home learning. This was also mentioned by the Government in their briefing regarding Education.