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Welcome to Wrens.

At the bottom of our page look for lots of home learning additional activities! 

Learning In Wrens

Please see the bottom of the Wrens page for  support and information documents around learning in Wrens including information around the EYFS and KS1

Term 6 Pirates

This Term something fishy will be happening in Wrens class! We will be disappearing into a magical washing machine through our literacy and making underwater scenes using scratch! as well as through our reading of the Pirates next door writing instructional texts and recounts. We will be exploring the natural art of Andy Goldsworthy and creating our own using his as inspiration! We will also be getting ready to set sail, designing boats using a variety of materials and conducting floating and sinking experiments too. Just some of the learning adventures this term in Wrens!

Some of the learning adventures in Wrens Term 6!

Term 5: Minibeasts!

One of our favourite topics in Wrens is Minibeasts! This term we will be having lots of fun learning experiences through exploring nature, with mini beast hunting, learning about habitats, observing and investigating plant growth. We will be following the adventures of James and the Giant Peach throughout the term and creating poetry, revolting recipes, descriptive writing and Letters around this text! There may also be a Giant peach to be found (complete with minibeasts) in the school corridor by the end of the term! 

The peach escapes the sharks!

Still image for this video
A collaborative effort by year 1 and R before separating out onto their own animation projects!

Term 5 Minibeasts .. A sneak peak into the term so far!

Term 4: News and Weather! 

Wrens are going to be exploring news and weather in all sorts of fun ways this term! We will be enjoying the exploration of design through the James Dyson Project and making our own Dyson Fan too! 

Home learning examples from Term 4!

End of Online Learning and back to the classroom!

Reading Challenge

Still image for this video
One of our Wrens took the reading challenge to the next level!

Term 3 : The Great Fire of London

This term our Wrens will be learning all about the Great Fire of London!

The Great Fire of London will be studied throughout all of our subjects and we will produce art, drama music and much more through studying this great historical moment in British history. In class, we will have our own bakery, space to use construction to create our own London of the time and write our own diary entries like Samuel Pepys! We will explore Money, measure/ capacity and temperature through additional child-initiated class activities. 

Moving Online

Despite moving to online learning Wrens managed to enjoy the original topic coverage ( with adaptations to suit online learning through the Class dojo Platform! 

Such a wonderful amount of amazing home learning this term.. Here is just a few examples across our three year groups!

Term 2: Rivers, Seas and Oceans

This term Wrens will be exploring rivers seas and oceans through literacy and foundation subjects with a focus around our test of the term Rhythm of the rain.  That is, until December ...

Some examples of the learning adventures of Wrens in term 2!

Wrens Nativity December 2020

Please see Class Dojo for the Wrens class Nativity!

The children all worked really hard and Part 2 was initiated by the ideas of the students! All of our year 2 students did a wonderful job of narrating the nativity story which was acted out by our year 1 and reception Students. 

Term 1 - Lego 2020-2021

Welcome to our new Wrens in Reception and welcome back to our year 1 and year 2 children!

This Term we will be exploring the topic Lego! 

Take a look at our Topic Map to see all of the fun we will be having and look out for photos of our learning as the term progresses!

Just some of the Fun learning in Wrens Term 1

just a few examples of our Here We are Activities

Topic Coverage Term 1 Lego

Terms 4-6: Class Dojo!


We wish we could share all of the wonderful activities Wrens have been doing over the class Dojo and at school through this time.


Wrens have been having a topic a week and Completing Phonics, Maths, Literacy and a variety of foundation subjects each week through this topic-based learning!  


From Under the sea to soaring into space, Super Spies to Grand Designers so much more! 


Wrens have also each been caring (and keeping a journal) for a Broad bean for the entire time we have been out of school!


We will change the photos regularly to show all of the wonderful things we have been doing!


coming soon ... Collaborative art via our (online learning) Class dojo!


A small selection of the online learning Wrens have been doing on Class Dojo!

Term 4: Asia

This term we will learn all about Asia. 

we will learn about different customs from different areas of Asia, Enjoy different traditions including Holi. We will also present our own home project to the class about a chosen country in Asia. 

 Term 3: Ice and snow 

 Highlights from Wrens learning in Term 3

Term 2: Transport/ Christmas

Highlights from Wrens Learning in Term 2

British Values: What is Voting?

Nativity 2019

Behind the scenes of our 'moon walk' stop frame animation activities

Moon walk 1

Still image for this video
2 space men went to explore a crater and collect some magical space gems!

Moon Walk 2

Still image for this video
"Space men went to explore a crater and then zoomed off in the Rover and off in their Rocket too!"

Moon Walk 3

Still image for this video
2 Space men go and look for moon gems but someone is watching...

Exploring Steam!

Term 1: Dinosaurs

Highlights from Wrens Learning in Term 1

Term 1: Exploring Dinosaurs

Useful Documents 

Long Term Plan 2020-2021

The Department for Education has Provided daily lessons through Oak National Academy:


BBC Bitesize has produced daily lessons to support home learning. This was also mentioned by the Government in their briefing regarding Education.

Additional online learning Resources from the Department for Education

Information to support online learning

(see below for updates on Wrens)

Why don't you try out some of the web-based resources we use in Wrens:

Online Learning Platform or Download the ClassDojo App

There are two main features to the system: 
Class Story – This will contain helpful learning links to online activities along with activities pupils may wish to complete at home. There is no requirement for these activities to be submitted. Staff will update the class story regularly.  
Portfolio – This is a section where activities requiring ‘submission’ will be placed. Pupils will complete the activities and submit them online where their class teacher will be able to access them, comment and/or award Dojo points. Staff will update portfolio activities regularly.  
Dojo Points- These will be awarded for positive work, attitude and perseverance.