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The Futures Bright: Our exciting plans for Pitton School

Small School. Big Ideas! 


At Pitton CofE Primary School we value Friendship, Family and Fulfilment. We are dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience where children feel safe and supported by every member of our community. Our small setting provides a strong family environment which promotes growth, fulfilment and achievement academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Growth mind-set is at the heart of our community, involved in every aspect of school life. We motivate and support each other to tackle new challenges, persevere and stretch ourselves. We are committed to ensuring every child feels unique, valued and integral to our school community.

We strive to be pillars of the community, who respect and make a positive difference to the world around us; and for every one of us to be a role model, who inspires a love of learning and the sharing of success.

Our school takes pride in leading the children on their journey to acquire the skills and attributes needed to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the future. 


All schools have a responsibility to set themselves targets for development. Just as children are encouraged to develop, so too are staff and schools as a whole. As you may know we have recently joined Pickwick Academy Trust, and have developed a strong partnership with our Southern Hub Schools including Greentrees Primary, Ludwell Primary and Winterslow CE Primary School. We have worked together with governors to set the following aspirational school development targets: 

1. To improve progress and attainment for all children at the end of Year Six.

  • Use assessment data to identify and increase the percentage of pupils achieving the national expected standard
  • Progress of pupils monitored in Reading, Writing and Maths
  • Key targeted pupils identified by class teachers 
  • Staff will moderate pupils work with subject specialists within Pickwick Academy Trust to ensure consistency between schools
  • Pupils in need of timely interventions have them delivered by the Class Teacher or a trained Teaching Assistant 
  • Meetings with the subject leader and Headteacher have a focus on ‘border line’ pupils
  • Ensure those children eligible for a reader or additional time in national tests at the end of year six have this in place
  • Question level analysis completed of internal assessments to identify key focus objectives 
  • Pupils receiving intervention have clear targets and actions identified and monitored by the class teacher  
  • The Executive Head Teacher and CEO from Pickwick Academy Trust visit at least 6 times a year to monitor progress and attainment  
  • Lesson observations are completed by the Headteacher and Executive Head Teacher termly  

2. To promote and celebrate sustainable practises and become more environmentally aware as a school

  • There is a Lead Teacher allocated 
  • The Lead Teacher has established Surfers against Sewage club 
  • Children are invited to become Environmental Ambassadors 
  • To establish an Eco Council led by pupils across the school 
  • The Lead Teacher will be given additional time outside of the classroom to apply for Eco Schools Green Flag Status
  • Recycling stations are available in school for: printer cartridges, pens, crisps packets, paper, mobile phones, 
  • The school newsletter ‘Pitton News’ is available on the website and Online Learning Platform and not printed to reduce the use of paper
  • Letters, permissions and payment slips are sent out to parents electronically and not paper based where possible 
  • The school will reduce its use of disposable cups, plates etc at community events by asking parents to bring a reusable cup or provide them as a school
  • A renewable energy supplier for electricity will be sought
  • The use of solar panels to provide energy will be explored

3. To embed our exciting new enquiry led curriculum: Curious City; being mathematicians, being authors, being geographers etc

  • Staff will have regular timetabled CPD with Lighting Up Learning 
  • Staff will have release time to attend planning meetings with Nicholas or Ali from Lighting Up Learning 
  • Staff will work with Pickwick Academy Trust schools to plan for similar enquiries as part of staff meetings 
  • Staff will regularly attend Subject leader meetings with other Pickwick Academy Trust schools
  • Staff will monitor coverage and progression in all National Curriculum subjects 
  • There are regular visits to established Curious City schools with a focus on exemplary floor books
  • Subject leaders will moderate coverage and progression


4. To ensure IT infrastructure and technology enables strong teaching and learning experiences for children.

  • There will be investment in technology across the school
  • To improve the standard and speed of internet in school by upgrading the current system to fibre optic 
  • To improve the WiFi within school to ensure easier and more reliable connectivity 
  • Ensure all classes have access to laptops and iPads. A minimum of 30 laptops and 8 iPads to be available in school
  • To implement a computing curriculum that is progressive and ensures continuity across the school