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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Governors - Who Are They?

Head Teacher:   Mrs. Emma Wilkinson (ex-officio) (01/09/2020 -)


Foundation Governors:

All Foundation Governors are appointed by the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education in consultation with the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Farley with Pitton.

Mrs Judith Lewy (30/03/2023 - 29/03/2027)

Mrs Rebecca Maddox (24/06/2021 - 23/06/2025)

Mr Mark Austin (21/03/2023 - 20/03/2027)


Teacher Governor:

Miss Suze Pearce (10/09/2020 - 09/09/2024)


Parent Governors:

Mr Tony Johnson (21/03/2023 - 20/03/2027)


Community Governors:

Mr Richard Cawthorne (28/03/2023 - 27/03/2027)


Chair of Full Governing Body

Mrs Judith Lewy (30/3/2023 - 29/03/2027)


Clerk to Governors:

Mrs Vicky Tomlinson (01/01/2021 - 31/12/2024)


None of our school governors hold governance roles in other educational institutions.

Emma Wilkinson

Emma Wilkinson

As Headteacher I meet with the Local Governance Committee (LGC) 6 times a year. At each meeting I update the governors on attendance, attainment, progress, financial matters, safeguarding concerns and curriculum. As part of my role I also work alongside staff in school to update policies and share them with the governors at the LGC meetings where they are then agreed and ratified. Fortnightly I meet with the chair of the LGC. And as I am also subject lead for maths, 3 times a year I meet with my link governor for maths and discuss the maths curriculum, carryout work audits, analyse performance data and identify key areas of strength or development focus.

Judith Lewy

Judith Lewy

I have been a Governor at Pitton Primary since March 2019 and Chair of Governors since September of that year. As Chair I liaise with the clerk to the governors and the Headteacher to plan and run the 6 Local Governance Committee meetings, ensuring all documentation and information is distributed in good time. I have oversight of the work of the governors, and I am usually involved in the process of appointing any new staff. I also liaise regularly with the CEO of Pickwick Academy. I meet every two weeks with the Headteacher to discuss current issues in the school. Like all governors my role is to support and challenge the school staff to make sure that there is a clear strategic direction. We hold the head and staff to account for the educational performance of the pupils. In addition to my role as chair, I am the link governor for English and meet three times a year with the lead teacher for English. The governors of Pitton School have a wide range of experiences which helps to make us more effective. I worked as a teacher all my career, starting in a primary school in Singapore, after which I taught languages, mainly German, in secondary schools. I also had responsibility for trainee and newly qualified teachers, staff CPD and international links. After retirement I moved to the Salisbury area to be nearer some of the family. Two of my grandchildren attend Pitton School.

Richard Cawthorne

Richard Cawthorne


I am a Community governor as of March 2023 having  peviously joined the team in March 2019 as a Parent governor. A scientist by profession I have been the link governor for maths since the summer of 2019 and now also the science link. I meet the school subject leads regularly throughout the year to discuss their action plan and measure success in these subjects. As part of the local governance committee I provide support by analysing the schools performance and attainment metric data to ensure development areas are acknowledged and addressed. 

Rebecca Maddox

Rebecca Maddox

I have been a Foundation Governor since Summer 2021. I am the curriculum link governor, which involves meeting with staff on a regular basis to see how the teaching meets the requirements of the national curriculum for subjects such as geography, history, art, music, and modern foreign languages. As a Foundation Governor my role is to ensure that the school’s Christian ethos and values are evident across all areas of school life. I have been a member of the school community since 2018, being both a parent and Pitton resident, which gives me a good insight into the wider context and value of the School.

Vicky Tomlinson

Vicky Tomlinson

I am clerk to the Governors, within my role I prepare the meeting documents for the 6 Local Governor Committee meeting a year, taking direction from the Chair of Governors and Head to ensure all the necessary documents and information are distributed as requested, together with other associated paperwork to ensure to effective organisation of the Governing Committee.

I am a parent to one of the children at Pitton, which gives me a great insight into the school from both a parent and Clerk to Governors.

In my working life, I currently work for DSTL in their HR department, prior to being a mother I worked for many years in the transport industry, so have a wide knowledge and understanding of operational delivery.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish me to liaise with the Governor on your behalf 

What Are Their Roles?


The Governors of the school act rather like a board of Directors.  The main aim of the Governing Body is to maintain and improve the school's quality of education and standards of achievement.  They have overall responsibility for the management of the school which includes:


  • Ensuring that Government education policy is implemented
  • Encouraging high standards of achievement and acceptable social conduct
  • Interviewing and selecting staff
  • Deciding how the school budget is spent
  • School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities
  • Providing a strategic view for the school
  • Monitoring and evaluating the school's effectivness and performance
  • Promoting the interests of the school and its children


A register of any business and pecuniary interests is available from the school office - all currently non-applicable.

School Governors are Comprised Of:


  • Parents
  • The Head Teacher and staff at the school
  • Foundation Governors - appointed by Salisbury Diocese
  • Co-Opted Governors - appointed by the governing body for particular skills
  • Associate members to serve on committees and who may attend full governing body meetings but may not vote

Parent-Governor Meetings


The Governors welcome the opportunity to meet parents and attend many events including parent forums and coffee mornings.  They may also be contacted by e-mailing the clerk at 

Clerk to the Governors


The clerk files records of attendance and a register of business and pecuniary interests with Local Governing Committee meeting minutes in the school office.  These are available to read at any time, no relevant interests are currently declared on the register.


Attendance Record at Governing Body and Committee Meetings 2021-2022 Academic Year



Governors Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4Term 5 Term 6 
Judith LewyA  AAAAA
Emma WilkinsonA  AAAAA
Felicity Mansfield A  AAAAA
Suze PearceA  AAAAA
Richard CawthorneA  AAAAA
Vanessa HallA  AAANAA
Rebecca MaddoxNA AAAAA

 A - Attended 

NA - Not Attended