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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Governors - Who Are They?


Head Teacher:   Mr Michael Holyoake (ex-officio) (25/12/2009 -)


Foundation Governors:

All Foundation Governors are appointed by the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education in consultation with the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Farley with Pitton.

Rev David Perry (ex-officio) (24/7/2019 -)  

Mrs Felicity Mansfield (30/11/2010 - 26/11/2022)

Mrs Judith Lewy (30/3/19 - 29/3/2023)

Mrs Terresa Maher (1/4/19 - 31/3/2023)

Mrs Izzy Moon (24/7/2019 - 23/7/2023)

Mr Mark Ackrill (3/2/2020 - 2/2/2024)



Local Authority Governor:

Nominated by Wiltshire Council Local Authority.

Mrs Rosie Lane (12/5/2015 - 11/5/2023)


Teacher Governor:

Mrs Emma Wilkinson (1/11/2019 - 31/10/2023)


Parent Governors:

Mr Richard Cawthorne (1/4/19 - 31/3/2023)

Mrs Natalie Doyle (1/3/2020 - 1/3/2024)


Chair of Full Governing Body

Mrs Judith Lewy (19/9/2019 - 18/9/2021)


Clerk to Governors:

Mrs Nicki McCarney (6/11/2017 -)


None of our school governors hold governance roles in other educational institutions.

Photographs of some of the Governors that you will see around School:

Photographs of some of the Governors that you will see around School: 1 Emma Wilkinson
Photographs of some of the Governors that you will see around School: 2 Felicity Mansfield
Photographs of some of the Governors that you will see around School: 3 Rosie Lane

What Are Their Roles?


The Governors of the school act rather like a board of Directors.  The main aim of the Governing Body is to maintain and improve the school's quality of education and standards of achievement.  They have overall responsibility for the management of the school which includes:


  • Ensuring that Government education policy is implemented
  • Encouraging high standards of achievement and acceptable social conduct
  • Interviewing and selecting staff
  • Deciding how the school budget is spent
  • School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities
  • Providing a strategic view for the school
  • Monitoring and evaluating the school's effectivness and performance
  • Promoting the interests of the school and its children


A register of any business and pecuniary interests is available from the school office - all currently non-applicable.

School Governors are Comprised Of:


  • Parents
  • The Head Teacher and staff at the school
  • Representatives appointed by the Local Authority
  • Foundation Governors - appointed by Salisbury Diocese
  • Partnership Governors - appointed by local incumbent (Church of England)
  • Co-Opted Governors - appointed by the governing body for particular skills
  • Associate members to serve on committees and who may attend full governing body meetings but may not vote

Committee Membership:


Admissions: (responsible for all matters relating to applications in respect of pupil refusals for entry into the school) 


Curriculum, Ethos & Pastoral Care:  (responsible for all matters relating to the National Curriculum and the school's Christian values and beliefs) Mrs Emma Wilkinson, Mrs Judith Lewy, Mrs Terresa Maher, Rev David Perry,Mrs Natalie Doyle (chair), 1 x vacancy


Finance, Premises & Staffing: (responsible for all matters relating to the financial control and general maintenance/development of the school establishment and staff establishment) Mrs Felicity Mansfield (chair),  Mrs Rosie Lane, Mr Michael Holyoake, Mrs Izzy Moon, Mr Richard Cawthorne, 1 x vacancy


Pay Chair: (responsible for the annual review of staff pay)  Mrs Felicity Mansfield 


Trustees: Mrs Felicity Mansfield (chair), all governors


Parent-Governor Meetings


The Governors welcome the opportunity to meet parents and attend many events including parent forums and coffee mornings.  They may also be contacted by e-mailing the clerk at

Clerk to the Governors


The clerk files records of attendance and a register of business and pecuniary interests with Full Governing Body meeting minutes in the school office.  These are available to read at any time, no relevant interests are currently declared on the register.


Attendance Record at Governing Body and Committee Meetings 2019-20 Academic Year


  Full Governing Body (7) Committee (3)
Mr Michael Holyoake 7 3
Mrs Felicity Mansfield 6 3
Mrs Rosie Lane 5
Mrs Emma Wilkinson 6 3
Mrs Judith Lewy 7 4 out of 4
Mrs Terresa Maher 6 0
Mr Richard Cawthorne 7 2
Mrs Sara Fraser 0 out of 1 0 out of 1
Mr Mark Ackrill 3 out of 4 1 out of 1
Mrs Natalie Doyle 2 out of 4 2
Mrs Izzy Moon 4 1
Rev David Perry 7 1