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Life In All Its Fullness

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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values


‘Life in all its fullness’ John 10v10

At Pitton CE Primary School we value Friendship, Family and Fulfilment. We are dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience where children feel safe and supported by every member of our community. Our small setting provides a strong family environment which promotes growth and fulfilment academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Growth mind-set is at the heart of our community, involved in every aspect of school life. We motivate and support each other to tackle new challenges, persevere and stretch ourselves. We are committed to ensuring every child feels unique, valued and integral to our school community.

We strive to be pillars of the community, who respect and make a positive difference to the world around us; and for every one of us to be a role model, who inspires a love of learning and the sharing of success.

Our school takes pride in leading the children on their journey to acquire the skills and attributes needed to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the future. 


Our School Christian Values

Life in all its fullness means that we are following the path of God and he is helping us along the way to greatness. Life in all its fullness means to not waste the good moments in life and to live a life knowing that you have lived the way Jesus has taught you to. We live this through compassion, respect and truthfulness, which are the core values that strengthen our school values of family, friendship and fulfilment.

Each of our school Christian Values can be understood in more depth through the Bible stories and teachings that have been chosen. Pupils, staff, representatives from our church and governors helped shape and develop these values. Please feel free to explore these Bible teachings below.






The following values are the focus of each term's Collective Worship and are repeated every three years.

Year 1 – Friendship, Courage, Compassion, Humility, Justice, Peace

Year 2 – Respect, Generosity, Perseverance, Wisdom, Service, Responsibility

Year 3 – Hope, Thankfulness, Trust, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Creativity


The School House Captains meet once a term to discuss worship in school as our 'Collective Worship Team'. It is their job to help people understand what God means to us as Christians, involve everyone in activities during Collective Worship, plan activities from the Values for Life  scheme of work with creativity and imagination.


The School Choir lead, support and promote the teaching of singing and also contribute to our school's outreach at St Peter's Church, Pitton. Regular village church services that they participate in include the Christmas Carol Service and the St Peter's Day service.


The 'Open the Book' team, led by Sara Bossom is a highlight of the week, where children and adults dress up and act out stories from The Bible, bringing them to life and enabling everyone to reflect on the message and teachings of Jesus.

Collective Worship Team, School Choir and Open the Book